The Desert wind

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Located on the high desert plains of northwestern New Mexico, the Navajo Brethren in Christ Mission has been an oasis serving the People of the local community for over seventy years. Currently, we have 14 buildings including a gymnasium, a public laundromat and public showers, a K-12 Accelerated Christian Education school, a shop for minor repairs and tire changing, a mini conference center and housing for groups and staff. We also have a public water station for those in our community who have no running water.

The mission sits on the northwest plateau at 7,000 feet above sea level. We experience temperatures as low as 15° below zero and we rarely see 100° even in the peak of summer. Summer nights can get into the low 50s so if you visit us during the summer you may find yourself needing a jacket.

For those wishing to visit us we offer a number of opportunities to serve in various ways. Some of our summer teams provide VBSs or Day Camps. Others take on work projects to help us maintain the aging infrastructure of Navajo Mission. And some have built much needed structures for housing or storage. Whatever your gifts and talents may be there’s a place for you at The Desert Wind. We book up a year in advance, sometimes two, so call our office to schedule.

If you’re looking for a place to “rest and recharge” contact our office for information about our Recharge Program. We can house individuals or small groups for two to seven days, longer if the schedule allows. We also have facilities for small conference groups.


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